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Experimental Social Science

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About xs/fs

The xs/fs Research Group consists of a diverse group of scholars at Florida State University who use experimental methods to engage in research on a wide range of topics in the Social Sciences. Topics range from how one might design charity silent auctions to an examination of preferences for voting on redistributive taxation policies to investigations on how information is transmitted through different structures for social networks.

The Laboratories

We have one experimental lab housed in the Bellamy building which has 26 terminals as well as both an in-room monitoring station and a separate monitoring room. We also have a secondary experimental lab housed in the Claude Pepper building which has 16 terminals and a room for monitoring.  We have the ability to run in both simultaneously to allow for larger experiments and experiments that require separating populations of subjects.


Participate in an Experiment!

If you are a student at FSU you are encouraged to sign up to be in our subject database for future paid experiments.

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